This page is basically just a big dumping place for bizarre terminology that various companies use for reasons that baffle modern science.

  • Coldprickly: This unfriendly sounding word seems at odds with the neighborly image of a certain retailer, yet it is the description of a Christmas related Blurb in Failstation.
  • Frank: To push a rejected credit card application through the system and approve it. Used by store managers frequently. "Can you FRANK this application?"
  • The Peanut: Also known as a "smart card." A little rounded thing with a volume control that hooks into a phone headset. It really doesn't look like a peanut to me.
  • Smart Card: It's neither a card, nor very smart. It's just a thing with a volume control that plugs into the phone so you can use your phone headset with it.
  • Warmfuzzy: When a customer calls in to say you're a really great employee.