People get upset when their credit card is used fraudulently. Sometimes they get too upset, and decide to take the law into their own hands. And so you get a call from The Vigilante. The Vigilante is a very simple man. He wants one thing. To hunt the fraudster down and kill him. Or maybe beat him up or yell at him, or run a key across his car door. At any rate, he will call you, describe his situation, then begin asking for information about the person who used his card. You can't legally give him the information for security reasons. You also don't want blood on your hands. We already have a fraud investigation team looking into the matter, but that just isn't good enough for the Vigilante. He wants the name of the guy who did it, and where he lives. Or maybe just his name so he can sue him. He feels entitled to do this because his security was violated, or because we already forwarded his information to the investigation team, so this is a version of ESB. We're just supposed to ignore the fact that we can't prove he is who he says he is, or whether or not what he's telling us is factual, and we're just supposed to bypass security policy and give out personal account information.