"It was in there." This postulate applies to any order or return where the shipment is claimed to contain more than it probably has. In situations involving AllInOneBox, some customers will claim that everything in the whole wide world was in their return box, regardless of whether it truly was. In situations concerning lost shipments, it becomes the story of The_Empty_Box.


  • A customer e-mails the company, saying that she got her shipment, but it was missing the dress, the sandals, the bracelet, the necklace, and the skirt, but she got the belt and the shirt. She calls you on the phone a week later, and you discover that she didn't receive the belt or the shirt, and wants to get refunded for them. And this is after we refunded her for the other missing items. So what exactly was in the shipment she received?
  • The records show we received a return for the dress, but the customer says the $100 dress was in the same box, along with her other $400 order, an elephant and the Encyclopedia Brittanica and she wants refunded for the whole thing, plus shipping.