It's amazing how long it will take someone to call in and request a refund. Many companies have a return policy that ends after a month, or 90 days if they're being generous. Well, Mr. Flintstone ordered his item at the beginning of time, and just now opened the box. Since it's still as good as new, he wants a full refund on the order, even though Target has stopped selling stone tools and boar skins a millennium ago.


  • Wilma ordered her dress two years ago, and only now took it out of the box. When she put it in the woolly mammoth washing machine, it fell apart. She is now demanding a full refund.
  • Fred ordered a barbecue grill last year, only now started using it, and it doesn't work. Someone gave it to him as a gift, and he can't even get a store credit. He is now standing in the middle of the women's clothing section, screaming about how your store "doesn't stand behind their product" to anyone who cares to listen to the ravings of a madman.
  • Product was purchased three years ago, they sweated in it, painted the house in it, but all the tags are still on it, so they want to return it for a refund.
  • She bought the eyebrow pencil several months ago, and only recently purchased one of the $5 sharpeners. She discovered that the sharpener tore up the pencil, and now wants a refund on the pencil.
  • Customer calls in with receipts from December of last year, wanting reward points added to her account, and it is now the last day in July.