Andre linoge

Give me what I want!

"Give me what I want and I'll go away." This is the slogan of many customers that call in. As a variation between biting the representative's head off, or as a replacement for verbal abuse, some customers are content to just sit on the phone, sigh and complain constantly, and not get off the line until they get what they want. Some may retain phone silence indefinitely until you appease them. Others may constantly harangue you and refuse to hang up. The Linoge is one possible cause for the The_Nophone_Department. If it turns out to be Andrea Linoge, and she is seeking the fabled Dress Of Turin, it becomes RaidersOfTheLostDress.

Common traits:

  • Everyone in the department is afraid to stand up to him, and so they give him whatever he wants.
  • Anyone that stands up to him/her is extremely unpopular.