There's an urban legend that says that Nordstrom once refunded a man who brought a tire into their establishment, when they didn't sell tires. Apparently, a lot of customers think they can get away with that, with any company. So they buy a dress on Ebay, then call you to complain about how it became unraveled or shrunk in the wash, and ask for a refund because your company's name happens to be on the label. Even though they didn't buy it directly from your company. Instead of contacting to complain, they contact you to get a refund. On an order that they didn't personally place.  You're just supposed to magically find an order for them, or reach into your butt and pull out a replacement shirt or whatever for them, and mail it out to them without a single shred of usable account information to back up their claim.

If this were feasible to do over the phone, I'd probably do it:

ME: "Okay, I'll give you the refund, but I need to return this to you and get my money back." Grabbing random objects, like tape and a used ink cartridge, I shove it in the customer's face.

IDIOT CUSTOMER: I didn't sell you that crap; what am I supposed to do with it?

ME: NOW you're catching on! Finally!


  • Email: "With regard to your response, although I did not purchase it from your company directly, I have been in contact with Lord and Taylor and they have informed me they don't take the merchandise back. I am to go directly to the company which in this case would be your company. Since Lord and Taylor does not take washed / worn merchandise back, exactly what is the next step. Thank You for your response."
    • So, since Lord and Taylor refused to take washed/worn clothing back, you're trying to get refunded by a company that also refuses to take washed/worn clothing?