I've lost count of the amount of times some dumb customer will call in and complain because their luggage doesn't arrive at their house when they needed it for a trip. Seriously, why does everyone wait so long for these things? Did you really think you could place an online order for luggage yesterday and be able to take it with you on the plane today? We don't do deliveries on weekends. It takes at least a day to process the order. Hello!
But yet they keep calling in and blaming us for it not arriving on time, and that they're going to be going on the plane without a suitcase. Is that my fault? If you're in such a rush, why not just swing by a physical store location, dumbshit?
No, I can't stop the shipment. Yes, it may arrive at your house while you're chasing after the plane that just took off the runway. Yes, someone might steal it off your front porch, but I can't stop or change anything at this point. It costs our company money to redirect the shipment. Nuts to you if it ends up getting swiped off the front steps of your condemned tenament while you're in Albequerque.