Short for Mandatory Computer Revocation. This phenomena occurs when a customer deserves to have their computer taken away from them due to their excessive ineptitude. (See MCIYP).


  • They enter their name as "Bank of America" instead of entering their first and last name. Bonus if they don't work at a bank.
  • They keep telling you their e-mail address is something like Note the absolute lack of the @ symbol, and no obvious domain name. And they swear that's how it's supposed to be written. This person should not be allowed within ten feet of a computer.
  • They have explorer set to remember all their incorrect passwords and automatically put them in when they push the button (and they don't know how to fix it), so they will never be able to log in no matter how many times you reset their password.
  • They say the thing you're describing is not present on the website, even when it's 500 pixels wide and bright red.
  • They think the top of the page is the address bar.
  • They think they've placed an order because they clicked on an item and previewed it. See also Ghost_Order.
  • They say that they can see nothing you've been describing for the last hour and a half because they were on Ebay the whole time, instead of on your website.
  • They can't log in because they don't know how to use Caps Lock.
  • They enter their e-mail address with a www in front of it, causing all e-mails to go into oblivion, and preventing reps from finding their account.
  • They enter their name as the shipping address, failing to provide a real street address.
  • HomeIsMyInbox

It gets worse. See MPR