Certain websites like to make suggestions about what might go good with a purchase, or what other customers bought. This is called Looks Hot With at one company. The ridiculous thing about this is that not everyone's taste is the same, and sometimes the pairings are illogical.

Hypothetical examples:

  • "Jeweled Button Shoes." - LOOKS HOT WITH - "Dog Umbrella."
  • "Flirty High Tail Skirt." - LOOKS HOT WITH - "Gritty Mudflap Skirt." (Hold the phone - are they supposed to wear one skirt under the other one?)
  • "Skintight Snake Leggings" - LOOKS HOT WITH - "Ice Cream Candy Dispenser." (Okay, but only if you say so).
  • Paper Cup - LOOKS HOT WITH - Piece of cheese.