"Hello, my name is Anna, and my e-mail address is (lots of syllables said too quickly for ordinary human comprehension)."

"I'm sorry. I didn't get that."

The customer sighs heavily, then repeats the e-mail address just as incomprehensibly. You ask for the phone number, and it's either invalid or said too quickly or incomprehensibly. It doesn't help that they don't have the patience to spell it out letter by letter. Soon you're at the end of your search options, and you're left with trying to figure out what the hell their e-mail address is supposed to be.

They act like you're an idiot because you don't understand Klingon.

You still can't look up the account, because you're not an alien, and it's not easy to figure out letters that sound like other letters when they're being spat out like machine gun fire, especially if they have an accent. The customer gets mad, requests a supervisor, or another rep, because there are No_Second_Chances. Either that, or they start talking to you like a retard, making extra careful to spell everything with extremely exaggerated slownesss.