A Ghost Order is an order that a customer swears they placed, but has no physical or digital existence. This often occurs when:

  • The call gets disconnected before, during, or after the credit card information is given.
  • The customer puts in their credit card information, but then gets scared and shuts off the computer on the page that asks you to submit the order, or the computer gets scared and shuts itself off at that point.
  • The customer never puts in a credit card number, but still thinks an order has been placed.
  • The customer puts an item in their checkout bag or cart and thinks an order has been placed, even though they haven't even registered yet (MCR).

The following scary paranormal things will result:

  • The computer system somehow knows their address and credit card information, even though no one seems to know that a Ghost Order was placed.
  • Calls to the customer service line result in being told that no orders have been placed since last year. Ooooh, scary!
  • Missing time.
  • Suspiciously, no charges appear on their credit card billing statement. Was phantom cash used in this transaction?