If you are asked to do e-mails, you are not permitted to write real e-mails. Instead, you must use generic "blurbs," which are basically form letters, because corporate executives believe you are too incompetent to write a grammatically correct, respectful, yet down-to-earth e-mail to a customer. They dock you points for being creative, admonishing you to instead stick with the canned responses stored in the system. This is great when the one you want is unfindable and the ones you can find are inappropriate to the situation. The policy is to edit one of the blurbs to make it fit, but this may affect your score. The system is choked with various blurbs, often ones that haven't been used in two years (specifically about contests and the like). Finding the one that precisely matches your customer's issue is a time consuming challenge. It would be much faster sometimes just to write one on your own, but of course you aren't permitted to do that. And people wonder why they have to wait so long on hold, and why it takes so long for an e-mail response from the company.