Not to be confused with Fake_Cancel where they actually believe their contract or membership is canceled.

Many customers think you can shut off certain gym memberships and other loans like they shut off a cel phone bill. They think that due to perceived injustice or poor service, they deserve to have their contract canceled, failing to realize that once a contract is signed, they are obligated to the terms of said contract until a judge in a civil court officially announces that they aren't. Regardless of what they think about the company or the service. The difference between this and a Fake_Cancel is that they understand they still have a contract, and are mad as hell about it.


  • People don't wipe the seats of the exercise machines after they use them, and they're sick of getting a damp tush.
  • They have the same machines as the gym down the street.
  • They don't spray every surface down with Lysol.
  • They stopped handing out air conditioned towels.
  • The other gym members look at them funny.
  • The pool is always closed, and they're too lazy to use the machines.
  • The gym reps (SNIFF!) don't pay enough attention to them.
  • The gym reps are "rude" (no further explanation given).
  • They got rid of the midnight Jazzercize sessions.
  • They play that damned rap music all the time.
  • They joined another gym unaffiliated with the company.