ESB is the abbreviation for Entitlement Security Bypass. This happens whenever a customer goes mad with power and decides that we don't need to verify their account information in order to deal with their order, or someone else's. They believe policy and federal law doesn't apply to them, because they're special.

Common justifications:

  • "I've been on this phone five hours! I shouldn't have to give you that information again!" (Who knows? Maybe they could be trying to commit fraud for five hours!)
  • "He's my husband! I shouldn't have to verify his information!"
  • "You have my account information already. That should be good enough."
  • "I've been on this phone for forty minutes. I don't have time for this."
  • "They've asked me that already. Don't you have it on file?" (She spoke to some guy you don't know an hour ago).
  • "But they bought that gift for me! I should be able to order the one I wanted!"
  • "They used my credit card. I should be able to do whatever I want with the account!" (Yes, fraud does happen, but sometimes people claim to have been victims of fraud in order to commit fraud).
  • "You have the information on file. I shouldn't have to tell you it again."