Customers with an entitlement kick will often resort to the following threats in attempts to get their way:

  • "I'll take my business elsewhere!" (In many cases, one must ask `what business?')
  • "I'll tell all my friends what a lousy company this is and tell them to never shop there!" (With their personality, it is unlikely that they have any friends).
  • "I'll report you to the Better Business Bureau!" (What are they going to do, arrest me?)
  • Saying they'll write a blaring exposé about your company in their blog. (It's hard to keep a straight face when hearing this one).
  • "I'll call my lawyer!" (Which would cost more than a premium gym membership, furniture and fifty dresses combined).
  • "I'll never shop there again!" (A. We won't miss your verbal abuse or belittling behavior, and B. Why do you keep coming back?)