Chtwo rump1

Can you look it up by my name?

It's a common belief among customers that they can get account information just by providing their name, nothing else. Their name might be Maria Santiago, or it might be Rumpelstiltskin. If you're lucky, it's the latter. If you're not, it ends up pulling up five thousand accounts. And of course, Maria doesn't know her e-mail, phone number or other useful contact information, only her address, which there isn't a search option for. I guess people think they're just that important that we should somehow know they're different than Adam. And even if it is an unusual name, it might be too unusual to be spelled correctly. So again, the use of their name is an exercise in futility, unless they have the patience to spell it out in NATO code.

Some customers get so stuck on this notion that when you try to look up their account some other way, they mumble and spit out the information so quickly that you can't possibly find the account with that information until you force them to repeat themselves or give in and (sigh) try to find the damn account by searching for the name "Mary Sanchez."