At many call centers, you don't just answer the phones for one company. You answer the phones for three or four or five different businesses. This is okay if you're in a steady flow of calls from one company, but if every other call is from some other company, you often end up confused. Especially if there's a problem with the phone system, and your Failstation is saying the wrong company name.

"Thank you for calling Marco Men's Polos. How can I help you today?"

"Yes, what kind of eye shadow will go with the Searching For Prince Charming lipstick?"

And that's only if they're too dumb to think it's a wrong number and hang up. Something like this is bad enough, but then you get to order problems. The caller will start giving a vague description of a problem with their order and you have to play a guessing game to figure out which company it is.

"Um...what...did you buy?"

*SIGH* "Where is my order!"

"Um...what kind of order was it?"

You're just supposed to know that you're speaking to Mary's Makeup as opposed to Marco Polos.