"Hi. I was just looking at your collection of pins. Some of them look really neat. But what I'm really calling about is the angel capacity. How many of them can you fit on one pin?"

On any given day, at least one customer is going to ask you something beyond the capacity of anyone in your department to know. Does the seat cushion unzip so you can wash the outside? What frequency does this remote controlled car operate on? Does the R3M86B-27 accept interference from my CB set? Would you say this pillow is a pea green or a sage color? The customer will patiently wait on the line while you go on your futile search for the answer to life's great mysteries, unaware that you have no friggin' idea what the hell to tell them. It's not on the website, it's not in Failstation, so unless there's some magical site you can find on Google, you're SOL.

But that never stops them. They are willing to wait for eternity if it means getting an answer. You have to admire their patience, but it's hard to admire it when they're killing your handle time. And seriously, you will never have the answer for them.